Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fuzzy Pictures and bribes - good news!

If Teddy Roosevelt had been a crane wrangler instead of a Rough Rider and later President of the United States, he would have modified his famous philosophy of foreign policy with the statement, “Walk softly and carry a big worm”… mealworm, that is because there’s just nothing in this big bad world that compares with the magical persuasive power of a mealworm when you want to coax a crane chick into doing something unnatural like following the trike.

It's that time of year again - whooping crane chicks are hatching, and learning to move their fuzzy little butts to follow a trike around and around!

They're kinda reverse-malamutes: they start brown and grow up to be white, where malamutes start white with cinnamon color and grow up to get nice dark top coats. Both puppies and chicks are very, very cute.

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