Friday, January 4, 2008

A few answers

Why four weeks flying in the lower 48?

Why not? I asked for time off to fly, and I got it - now I'll be warm and flying! I like adventures, and did I mention it's warm and sunny down there?

Why aren't you answering your phone?

My wonderful Alaskan cell provider charges in blood for roaming calls in the lower 48. I'm going to get a pre-paid cell once down there, and those as need it for emergency contact will get it. (Read: Parents, house-sitter, and landlord. If you're not able to tell me my pipes are frozen or there's a family emergency, you can contact me via email.)

How often will you be in touch?

Anyone who knows a pilot knows how much we obsess about the weather. A wonderful friend is loaning a laptop with wireless to check the weather and email. Expect updates about as often as I have spare time, internet access, and inclination to write.

Where are you going to be on X day at Y time?

I'm starting in Georgia, going to Florida, and from there to California and back, weather permitting. Where I'll be along the way at any given time
depends on weather, the price of gas, the current status of my previously injured body parts, availability of interesting diversions, demands of plane, demands of family, and whim. Mostly weather.

Why aren't you leaving exacting detailed plans that include large amounts of personal information, including the names and contact information, social security numbers and places of birth of not only yourself but the people you may be staying with?

I like privacy. I also like the freedom to change my plans. Besides, I'll be in touch.

Why aren't you posting all of this at any of your regular haunts, so we don't have to come to this new place to see what you're up to?

Hi Mom!

Any other questions?

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  1. I totally understand! Sounds like you've got a great adventure ahead. Good luck!