Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spar Update

As time goes by, and paperwork is dug through (Alaskan Geek-Montana Architect found ANC-19, bless his black heart!), I become more and more reconciled to the loss of my spars. Wooden spars are fragile works of wooden art and science, and there are no more than a handful of people in the country who make them. (Four?)

Waiting on a quote to get them made and shipped from Michigan - many things are cheaper in the lower 48, but shipping is a killer, and something as long as a wing, light, flexible, and fragile must be trucked to the coast and shipped up on the barge.

There's one place in state - and he quoted $666 per spar, and what shipping? Come road trip to him and get them myself. (I must snark about the price - you knew it would be evil to have to replace them!)

For future reference,
Eyak Air in Willow, AK, on the Willow Airport,
precision aero marine

On brighter notes, I made the last payment this month - she may not be flying, but Vickie now belongs to me free and clear, no liens or loans. That makes me giggle, despite all else.

I leave you with a couple photos of previous flights, showing the view of winter I'm missing. If you like what you see, I can post more on these lines while waiting for spars to be made.


  1. Grr... we *will* be getting you into the sky again, darn it!

    And gosh is that beautiful. Most places it can get to easy to stop and take the scenenry for granted. These mountains just won't let you ignore 'em. And they're at least as pretty half a mile up.

    So thank you for the opportunity to see them again.