Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where to find ANC-19

I keep getting hits from people searching for ANC-19, Wood Aircraft Inspection and Fabrication, which makes me consider that I'm not the only person out there combing the web for it. Because this publication looks rarer than aileron cove for a pre-WWII airplane, here's the link for all of you searching for it:


for those of you who want a hardcopy, you can get it from Essco.

Out of curiosity, who are you, and why are you looking for it? What plane are you working on, if one? Have you found any very nice sites that are full of good information, or build logs you like?


  1. The price and publish date are entertaining on their own.

  2. I have actually come across Many old books from a guy whose father had been hospitalized recently. I picked up The ANC Bulletin Wood Aircraft Inspection and fabrication ANC-19 Dec. 1943 Book/Manuel. He has given me the opportunity to buy all his old post card from 1911,from dublin. And about15 books all pre-1930s. I have old letters about him talking about the war. Can anyone tell me how much this book worth and where I can sell some of these things.

  3. There is a copy of ANC19 here: http://www.lonesomebuzzards.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?m-1352247687/