Thursday, April 9, 2009


The paradox has always been amusing to me that conservatives are people who are trying to defend one of the most liberal documents in the world.

Now, while I wholeheartedly support the Tea Party movement, and state very firmly that I am loyal to the ideas that created my government and not to the men and women who have managed to grab and hold power within my government, I'm not too upset about the current lack of Tea Party for my town. (Find your own here.)

We just had our local election - and of eight proposed bonds, only two passed. We approved a fire service area expansion - so fewer people will have to watch their houses burn to the ground when a neighbor's catches fire - and road maintenance. Solid, tangible, good things worth supporting.

Our ninth proposition was the icing on the cake - a very severe, firm amendment capping the property taxes allowed in this city. You could call it a slap on the wrist - delivered with a one-inch steel pipe by a very upset man. As for our new mayor - we cleared the field from 19 to 2, and the man far in the lead is a very soundly fiscal conservative. After we finish cleaning house and cutting taxes, then time to take on the state legislature, and the country.

...Edited to add: Huh. Write the post a few days ago, finally post it, go back to double-check details, find a web site for coordinating the Alaska Tea Parties. I love the internet.

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  1. Oh yeah, meant to say - we have an invitation to a sign-making party Saturday at one. :)

    To the liberal/conservative thing. I'm growing increasingly dissatisfied with the labels, as neither is particularly descriptive anymore. Nothing "progressive" about returning to economic policies that failed when our grandparents were children, nothing particularly "conservative" about folks pushing for the "fair tax."