Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As long as we're here...

Right wing is trammelled. My mentor and A&P with Inspection Authorization was going to use that authorization, with his wisdom and judgment, to inspect the wing Saturday. Unfortunately, Saturday he sounded like Death on burnt toast and was too sick to get out of bed. But moving forward anyway - Flying Buddy and J of Call to Wings came by, and when I aired my crazy idea of moving the wing up against the wall and putting the other one together this week so my IA would have to wings to inspect, Flying Buddy actually has the power tools and the know-how to take scrap wood left from building sawhorses and knock together impromptu solid supports to hold the wing vertical. I immediately set about baking banana bread for him as soon as he left with the wood. Yay for friends!

A note on the scrap wood now storage rack: this is yet another example of the prime rule of restoration: NEVER THROW ANYTHING OUT.

As soon as J has the free time, we'll lift the wing off, secure it, and start on the left wing. I expect several "Hey! Where did we put this part? And where did we stick this? And did we use all those length bolts on the right wing, or do we have some left for the left?" moments ahead.

Building on the experience of others, I shall keep in mind the wisdom passed to me: "You are building symmetrical wings with identical parts. Lay out your parts carefully, or you'll end up building two right wings, And Don't Ask How I Know."

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