Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So far: two fairies, both shorter than my waist, with attendant smiling mothers hovering on the sidewalk, one young witch with a fabulously awesome homemade hat, parent cruising slowly in the car on the street, and one young luau dancer (with sweatshirt on top) attended by a big sister and big sister's buddy on the sidewalk, reminding her to say "Happy Halloween!"

Sure, they're mugging me for candy, but compared to all the "bring your child to where it's safe with approved community stations and healthful snacks", I'll take encouraging kids to ring up random neighbors and see that stranger aren't always scary (even if they have a fabulous black dress and crazy purple stockings)!

Happy Halloween, folks!


  1. We are Trick & Treater lacking.

    Which means, gosh, we'll have to eat all the British Cadbury chocolates, Lindt truffles, and Walker Shortbread ourselves.


    Meanwhile, small group of friends playing rockband and eating good food is hard to beat.

  2. We had 97 kids stop by. Not bad for a town of 250.

    Too bad you couldn't have worked in a pic of the black dress and purple stockings. What a combo. :)

  3. Very fun!

    Any teenage vampires this year? :)