Saturday, January 30, 2010


I need a couple semi-adopted friends who are over three nights a week for meals, or two dogs willing to grow obese cleaning up leftovers. Not that I cook too much for the two of us - but that I cook too often, and when my Calmer Half is left alone, he'll reheat either cook his own meals, or heat tinned soup instead of searching the fridge for leftovers.

Today I went through the kitchen, and regretfully tossed half a home-made pizza because we didn't get to it in time, the heel of a loaf of brown bread I'd baked, and a cucumber. The green peppers need to be used soon, and the carrots aren't getting any younger. Also, after two meals of honey-bourbon barbequed chicken earlier this week, neither of us felt like tackling the last of it. No matter how inexpensive the ingredients (whole chicken was fifty-nine cents a pound on sale), it's still wasted money if you're tossing it in the garbage can uneaten!

This lines out meals for the next three days: barbeque glazed meatballs tonight, stuffed peppers tomorrow for lunch, and probably tsatsiki and naan bread with some spiced chicken on carrot pilaf for dinner.

For midnight snack, well, the last of the watercress bought for a special meal was fading fast, so I took inspiration from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and turned it into pesto (even used the mortar and pestle for proper texture). There wasn't enough to make a meal for two, but it'll be a good snack!

If I got two big dogs, I'd do more walking at the request of brown and blue eyes, and get all over the neighborhood keeping both of us in shape. If I got a couple friends over for dinner, though, they'd invite me along or help pull off more crazy and fun things... Clearly, the answer is both. Now to sell the Calmer Half on this... I must go plot, and cook.