Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mine! .38 Special edition

Today, I shot a gun in a caliber I haven't been able to in years - .38 special. No, it was not a snubby, and no, it was not pink. Sadly, the Pachmayr Compac Pro grips weren't in purple, either. Calmer Half spent a couple of hours with ten different guns and at least six different grips once the guns were narrowed down, trying to find something comfortable to my hand. He finally found a pair of grips that came on a gun he'd gotten, and were way too small for his hands.

(This being one of those points gunnies and airplane restorers agree wholeheartedly on: "Never throw useful parts away! Even if you can't use them!" Poor Calmer Half is not so at ease with the lengths to which this is taken by airplane restoration, which continue on to say "All parts are useful, even if it'll take far more than you can do to rebuild them! They might be needed as a ferry part or template, or shim, or something, someday!")

So, now exercising the grand tradition of cats and wives, I have declared "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, and this is my gun now!" with his Smith & Wesson Model 65. He seems perfectly at ease with this, and indeed is making happy noises about me and concealed carry class.

Once we got back from the range, our housemate broke out the gun cleaning stuff, and taught me how to clean 'my' gun. Having cleaned it, it's as surely mine as when the "Just because you can fit into it again doesn't mean you should" shirt that Calmer Half unboxed gets absconded as my new nightshirt, and ends up in my laundry.

All this exercising at the gym we're doing is paying off. Calmer Half is finding new nightshirts for me, and I'm able to take the weight and recoil of more of his guns... Maybe, just maybe, soon it'll mean I have to go pants shopping for a smaller size, with belt loops that will actually hold up to a holster! ...Nah, not while I'm using up extra apples that started to go mealy by making apple pie.

I swear, I take the shirt off a man's... clean laundry pile, and one of his guns, and all he does is smile at me with this fond expression. It's darned hard to rile Calmer Half. I'm so glad he's mine!


  1. Sounds like happy news all 'round, and entertaining to boot. Congrats on the "new" revolver!!

  2. Awesome!

    (Though I think he's got a pretty sweet deal to. ;) )

  3. Jenny - you bet I got a sweet deal, too . . . and I know it. I'm a very lucky man.


  4. And I get food. Life is good.

  5. Good for you, and a model 65 is nice! And y'all are definitely in love :-)

  6. NFO - to make your mouth water a little harder, it's the rare 3" barrel Model 65 with the round butt. It's a sweetly concealable little gun.

    Don't feel too bad about my having given it to Miss D. - I still have another just like it, plus a 3" Model 13, the identical gun in blued steel. :-)