Saturday, October 29, 2011

random thoughts

I know, I owe several posts and plenty of pictures. Calmer Half already chased me off to bed, so they'll come another day. Not tomorrow, if I don't get to sleep soon.

The 10 year old boy in photo above has a new life goal, announced to his dad as he scarfed a burger: he wants this growth spurt to get him tall enough to reach the rudder pedals. If ever someone could grow by determination alone...

I need to teach him how to safety wire. Otherwise, he's pretty much set for changing the oil in a plane.

After trying to give rides to at least half the people I wanted to in Alaska, flying with spare parts and worldly goods to Tennessee, and giving rides to at least half the people I want to here, I finally took myself up tonight with no passenger, no baggage, and half tanks (two people were busy, and one didn't answer his phone.) It was like my first solo all over again. She climbs like a homesick angel when lightly loaded, and runs fast and far. I missed time alone with her.

The laptop has anti-cat protection. When a loose bunny hopped onto the keyboard with legs splayed, it locked itself down. That rocks, although Gremlin will find a way to defeat it.

The first rabbit has arrived. It is, strangely enough, not a meat rabbit, but a young classroom pet that needed a new home. We may not name it Snack. The meat rabbits will arrive soon "to keep it company." Does anyone else hear Beethoven's Fifth in the background?

Ok, bed for real, or I'll spend all of tomorrow running on caffeine and forward momentum, for fear of falling asleep should I sit down.


  1. LOL, the Fifth is playing softly in the background! Glad you got a chance to fly for yourself today too!

  2. So do any of the roommates have any experience slaughtering livestock for meat?

    Have they ever been rabbit hunting?

    Curious to see how surprised at the ... hmmm... noises bunnies make when startled or hurt.

    (Went bow hunting once for bunnies not the most pleasant experience ever. )

  3. Remember, safety wire in a "Z" pattern, 5 to 7 turns per inch.

    Took me for freaking ever to learn how to do it properly. Then when I actually worked on aircraft, we had safety wire pliers and I didn't have to do it by hand. But then I never got the hang of using the pliers and did it all by hand, anyway. :)

  4. "climbs like a homesick angel"...What a great description!