Thursday, January 5, 2012

I was wrong

Calmer Half has amazing reserves of grace and calm, running deep through his character. I forget this from time to time - familiarity makes more highlight of the day to day sprinkled with awful puns and truly atrocious limericks.

On the other hand, after petulantly informing him that dinner was not wonderful, and I'm completely burned out on onions, and not finding much positive to say, I sat and glowered at my computer while he thoughtfully took a cuppa downstairs instead of taking the perfect opportunity for a pointless domestic conflict.

Half an hour later, he came back upstairs in search of another cup of tea. I rose, and took the opportunity to sheepishly confess that I'd just tossed all of dinner and the prior lunch back up into the toilet, wasn't feeling too hot (downright shivering cold, as a matter of fact), and it had not a thing to do with his cooking. But I still don't want anything that tastes like onion for a good long while.

Fearing no contagion, he hugged me, informed my stubborn butt how long I had before I will be herded to a doctor, and offered nice bland oatmeal. Taking no offense at the utter revulsion in stomach and face at the thought of more food, he told me he loved me, and left my standoffish I-feel-bad-don't-touch-me self alone at the computer. No gloating, not even a "don't grouch at me when it's all you" or "See, dinner really was fine." Just - gentle understanding. Here I am working on being scrupulously fair and acknowledging when I'm wrong, and he's all the way past that to easy forgiveness.

I understand intellectually just fine that someone who can say in that particularly dry tone "Tracer fire not only tells the enemy where you are, it's also flammable - and bush fires are no respecter of sides" is not a man who's going to be particularly easily perturbed by the little disasters of civilian life. But to casually walk by the thrown gauntlet of grouchy, touchy wife and gently defuse the unexploded bomb of coming-down-sick temper, is still a surprise to me. I *heart* Calmer half - he makes me aspire to be a better person.

I think I'll tell him, as soon as I finish swinging past the bathroom and discussing breakfast with the toilet.


  1. I firmly believe that God matches us with the person best suited to be strong where we are weak ... thank God!

  2. Good for you, AND for him... :-)

  3. Good man you have there. I hope you feel better.