Monday, September 3, 2012

Comfort Weather

Yes, mister in the truck next to me, I know you think I'm nuts to have my arm comfortably resting on the sill as I drive through the drizzle.

However, it's over 70 degrees, the drizzle is nice and cool, and after 10 years in Alaska, drizzle is comfort weather to me. It's nice to finally relax and enjoy some proper rain, instead of the "cow pissing on a flat rock" kind that Tennessee generally endures.

Besides, after a long day truly busting butt to earn that time n' a half, it's good to relax and enjoy the drive home. I should have taken a winding country road, instead of giving and rolling up my windows on the freeway.

It was a good day. I hope you all enjoyed yours, too!


  1. Indeed, enjoy the ride. I had a fine soft day, thank you for asking...well, now that I think about it I did mow the lawn. That sucked, but the rest was fun.

  2. LOL, brings to mind the days before a/c in cars... And a little rain never hurt anybody!

  3. If anyone asks, tell them that, although you are very sweet, you will not melt in rainwater.

  4. That also happens to be something the cops look for when hunting drunk drivers.

    Windows down in "adverse weather".

  5. I'd have had the windows open, too, but then we have a common issue: thick Alaskan blood. (Note: after two years on Adak in the '70s, it took me four years to get used to Midwest heat.)