Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rifle Info Bleg

I was incredibly lucky in my choice of parents and friends - my first experiences with rifles were fun, exciting, and happy memories that left me convinces that shooting is awesome, and blackpowder is the coolest thing ever.

However, I cannot remember the models of the blackpowder, bb, and various .22's that I shot as a kid - the only one that sticks in my mind is the one I now own, a CZ 452 that shoots better than I can. I adore it enough I've had no interest in finding another, so I remain ignorant of how other manufacturers and models rate.

So, I ask you, oh internet brain trust: what other .22LR bolt-action guns are wonderful for introducing young men and women to the joy of putting holes in tins and jugs, bringing home hares for supper, defending the garden from all invaders, and providing recoil therapy?

Thank you!


  1. Marlin now makes a new model, the XT-22VR, which is a bolt-action rifle with your choice of detachable magazines or the tubular kind. It's rock steady & isn't expensive at all, in the $190 range. That's what we gave Younger Daughter last month, and it's very, very easy to shoot & quite accurate.

  2. in the " budget bolt " world i would say marlin or savage . Neither has the appeal of the cz imo but both are reliable journymen rimfires that will shoot better than most than shoulder them .

  3. i forgot to mention the cz " youth " model that can be found reasonable prices from time to time . It gives nothing up to the " full size " cz rifles except length of pull

  4. Depends on their age and size. For the little ones, A Crickett. What Farm Dad and Rev. Paul said are great picks too. The Crickett is a single shot bolt action, and it fits little arms.

  5. Bought my son an old Romanian .22 trainer for $50.

    He helped me refinish and rebuild it before ever he shot it. He truly feels like it his HIS rifle, and he'll probably keep it forever.

    OBTW. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and Pete have a great day and eat some serious grub.

  6. Savage or Marlin... CZ is also good but more expensive.

  7. Well I have a single shot .22 Stirling (125) that the girls love and I use a lever action Winchester ... both are great.

  8. Getting on the old Savage bandwagon here, although I also liked the Rossi break action single shot.

  9. I second the marlin

    Won one in a raffle....figured it wasn't gonna be much (sun $200 rifle? How good can it be?).

    Then I shot it.

    I will likely buy another one after Christmas, maybe in stainless.

    for training, the bolt action is probably best for safety reasons.
    Easier to tell if the chamber is empty, etc.