Friday, April 19, 2013


For the first time in weeks, I can hold a broom or a mop handle. This is awesome, and sorely needed. Unfortunately, released to "brace as needed" is not the same as fully healed, and the floors, well, they're so dirty you'd think they hadn't been swept or mopped in weeks.

Solution: for every room I sweep, and every room I mop, I get a glass of mead and some internet time. This encourages me to finish each room, and to take a rest break afterward. On the downside, this means after a few rooms, I've really lost all motivation to get up out of this chair and go do another. On the other hand, I think the injured limb is about done for the day anyway.

Now for a very weird fact: did you know down here in the south, land of 8 inch long pine needles, they bundle those pine needles together and sell them as "pine straw bales"? My mind, it is well and truly blown. According to the gent who showed them to me, as well as gave me prices for renting a tiller, "They're mostly used on flowerbeds, ma'am. The birds will also steal more of the wheat straw for building their nests."

It's a whole different world down here. I'll think I've got a handle on the culture, and then I stumble onto something like that, where "everybody knows" but a transplanted Alaskan.

P.S. J. R. Shirley - Lydia Bailey is on the way. Thanks for the recommendation!


  1. I spent nearly 45+ years in southern Missouri, and never heard of pine straw bales. Ah well, at least I've learned something today!

    Give yourself the weekend off, Wing - sounds like you've earned it.

  2. LOL, it's a 'Southern' thing... :-) Among MANY others... Glad things are looking up (at least a bit)!

  3. Given how good that mead is you refer to, I'm surprised you get as much done as you did. Hope you are on the mend, and sorry you won't make it up this month to visit.

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  5. Yeah. Pine straw is common in gardens.

    I hope you enjoy it. First read at 9 or so- still one of my favorite books.

  6. When I rake my pine straw (brown needles on the ground), I use them to put a foot deep in my two hens' 10'x10' dog pen. Someone in CA mistook my pine straw for pine chips because she had never heard of pine straw. I am in AL, about 120 miles south of Nashville. I am originally from Memphis.