Friday, December 27, 2013

Note to Self - Thai Food Is Hot

So, when going to a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant where the gentleman behind the to-go buffet at the front and the waitress are clearly Thai, and the appetizers are not being recorded on the notepad in any western script...

Do not accidentally order a dish, with nearly-correct Thai pronunciation, that is a variation not on the menu.

If you do, and realize it when the waitress looks at you in surprise and says "Oh! Yes! We can make that, too!", the first thing to do is hastily apologize, and say no, you'll be pleased to eat whatever the cook wants to make, your apologies.

Realize, the cook is going to bring the dish out, and the main entree, and that when the main entree comes out, the "mild" you asked for is going to be Native-Thai-mild, not American-mild. Smile, eat the dish, try to pick out the shaved slices of thai bird chilis, and declare it perfect. Because it's your fault for absentmindedly letting the very nice waitress assume you know enough about the culture and food to be able to handle the culture and food.

So, remember, self!
Tom Yung Koong is tom yum soup with shrimp. That is what Siam Cafe offers. Tom Yum Gai is with Chicken. Do not order tom yum gai if it's not on the menu, or be prepared to sniffle and sweat through your "mild" Koong Pad Ped! (red curry with shrimp and veggies)


  1. Mmm. Thai food. Gotta be careful there.

  2. Mmmmmm ... Thai food. Now I'm hungry again. But thanks for letting us 'feel' your pain. :)

  3. LOL. Love Thai food, and my nephew just learned that lesson this week about hai hot being different than Mexican hot. LOL yet again.

  4. Used to go to a place like that back in VA.
    When you asked for spicy, they would ask, "Thai spicy, or white people spicy?".

    Seriously. Such racial insensitivity! LOL

    Watching my brother-in-law discover why they asked was a hoot!

  5. Heh... HATE it when I do that, and I sweat like a stuck pig! And yes, Thai food is great for clearing the sinuses, intestinal tract and everything else!!! :-)

  6. I'm glad we did the Thai resetaurant for the pre wedding meal. That was a lot of fun.