Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

To those of you who are Americans by choice, to those of you who are Americans by birth and by choice, and to those of you who are Americans by birth and will yet learn that it is a choice - Happy Independence Day. It's not a perfect country, but it's the best one out there of all of 'em.

Now go out there and celebrate!

(And for those of you wondering why I'm suddenly writing a lot about the technical and business side of books, I was on a panel at LibertyCon, wherein I had 20 minutes to try to explain the entire marketing side of indie books. This is pretty much the residue rolling around my head of all the things I wanted to say. There's more to come, probably for the next week or so, and then it's back to normal. Most of y'all can roll your eyes and ignore this stuff. Old NFO, though, you and Brigid might find something useful here or there in the lot.)


  1. I hope you two have a great day. Once the yard is mowed the barbecue is going to be started up. Abby doesn't like all the fireworks and has spent most of the day in the closet.

  2. Squeak! You didn't TELL me you were doing these so I could promote them! Well, Monday I'll splash your name around the interwebs, young lady. Good stuff, thanks for doing it. Are we going to do a panel next year with Oleg and Sarah? Would be good fun.

  3. Brigid - sounds like it'll be a great evening for the humans. My love to Abby, and by Monday, it'll be all back to calm and quiet.

    Cedar - actually, I was kinda posting them somewhere so I could say "Hey, Sarah, you need guest post? Right click under "view source" and copy - or you get to put all the formatting back in - and have at it.

    But if you want to, have at it. Pretty much nobody sees this blog, as per the traffic counter, so I bet you'll be the one of three to roll your eyes and go "Hah! I know she's just grabbing that!" if it shows up on Mad Genius Club.

  4. Enjoy the day, and yes... I'm taking notes... LOTS of notes! :-)

  5. See, I could tell from the look on your face when they said "Five minutes..." that you'd just barely thrown open the squirrel cage's door. "But...but..."

    One thing you mentioned and I haven't seen is a link to the keyword repository on Kindle. "Go find it yourself..." is an utterly appropriate answer.

    Oh, and I just recently found out how you can italicize / bold your book descriptions. There's a tutorial I found, and I'll be happy to share link if you want it.

  6. James, Share away! tutorials are nice things to aim people at, and not have to type everything out myself.

    Personally, on Amazon, I just update the book description in Author Central, (it'll take html there for bold, italics, bullet points, etc) and ask 'em to override the KDP description. If your tutorial has the way for the distributors, or for direct to kobo, itunes, & such, I'll be learning something new!


    Actually it is just a tutorial for how to do the author central description. However, as I had no idea how to do this, I figure someone will find it helpful. :D

    I see the keywords tip is up--danke!