Saturday, February 20, 2016

Exercise and cats

Why exercise at a gym? After all, you can do almost all the same things at home, without the travel, the fees, or the other people, right?

Unless you have cats. To see what doing situps and pushups with cats is like, go here:

This post brought to you by the person who was counting their seventh abdominal crunch of a set when the cat popped out from under the bed, and did a beautiful  cross-body leap, pounce, and bit my left forearm just as I was coming up for the eighth one.

Let's not even talk about yoga with cats. Just...

I've got to join a gym.


  1. Just like a do which runs over & leaps on whenever you take a tumble, cats are intensely curious whenever you stoop to their level, as it were. They want to be on top, or they want to bite you & make you go away.

    It's hard to tell with cats. :)

  2. And then there's getting in position to do crunches and her Royal Lowness marches up and plunks herself on your abdomen to be petted. After having been aloof all day and refused any contact.


  3. Years ago, I was doing "cobras" when one of my cats jumped on my back.

  4. Try that with Rottweilers for a 'new' experience... Just sayin... :-)