Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, dear

Ashbutt has been growing by leaps and bounds. A month after he came home, he's already twice the size of the kitten who slept most of the way home. The growth doesn't look like it's slowing down any time, soon. He has more rambunctious energy than two humans and an adult cat can deal with (and today he learned how to climb legs encased in socks. Ow.) He also purrs, near-frantically, at almost everything. Including the food bowl, where he's eating more than Kili does, and has also quickly learned to show up when she gets treats.

To date, I've heard two faint, tiny little chirps out of him, and one gigantic squall when he dashed underfoot and said foot landed on his tail. (Well, at least we know he's not mute.) But an extremely quiet cat, purrs aside.

Tonight, I realized his tail is already fluffier than Kili's fully adult tail. This bodes a long-fur fluffy future. With some trepidation, I did more internet searching, and happened upon some incredibly close matches to his own kittenish frame and coloration.

They both had the caption: "Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat"

...oh, dear.


  1. "Oh, dear" is right!

    Our first cat as a married couple was a half-Persian, half-Siamese black cat with long hair. He never meowed, not once in his life. He chirped in the back of his throat, and grew to 19 pounds. While that's not huge by Maine Coon standards, with 3" hair, he looked bigger.

    You're going to have an interesting life. :)

  2. So, are you and Peter and Killi going to build an annex for yourselves after Ashbutt takes over the main house?

    Athena ordered me to ask. Not my idea.

  3. I had a Maine Coon as a teenager. Her name was Fluffy, and her nickname was Monster Kitty. We got her as an adult from the local shelter and her heaviest weight was between 23 and 27 pounds....and she was not a chubby kitty. Most cats bring home mice, she brought home rabbits!


  4. Look on the bright side. Having a Coonie is like having a dog but without the downsides. We're on our 3rd and 4th Coonies (from the same breeder but different bloodlines) and both of them put their front paws on the worktop to see what we're preparing. Enjoy!!