Friday, December 9, 2016

Cats and cream

I rarely have milk in the house, as half and half has far less lactose for more deliciousness. Even so, the cats have wheedled and miaou'ed us into getting it up to twice a day.

But Peter got a gallon of milk to make a proper British Christmas pudding and custard. (True to British food stereotypes, this is a custard that doesn't set. Rather defeats the point of custard, to my way of thinking. I love my man, and he loves his food flavoured with nostalgia, but I'm afraid we don't see eye to eye on what tastes like fruitcake drowned in custard gone wrong and runny to me.)

So we have a good part of a gallon of milk left over, and while some of it can go into tea, it's a lot less expensive than half and half, and can be doled out to the warm furry felines as a substitute. Easy, right?

...Kili likes it more than half and half. Ashbutt is just plain enthusiastic about any hint of food ever, but Kili has gone from knowing when to demand her due, to importuning us every time we turn on the tea kettle. I can't even make my first cuppa (black, two pieces of ice) without a faint desperate squeak and paws tapping my thigh.



  1. Miss Athena used to get the leftover cereal bowl milk. She now gets the first milk of the day, in her special bowl, at her special place. Or else.

  2. Milk freezes well. Preferably before it starts to spoil.

    When we go on vacation, husband just sticks any remaining milk in the freezer, and puts it out to thaw when we get back.

    Or you could freeze in smaller container to always have some on hand - foor cooking or kitties.

  3. Our daughters' cats wanted food, period. Anything, all the time. We frequently said no. But it didn't stop them from demanding it.

  4. TXRed - Yeah, how do you think we went from "When I make my first cuppa, if I feel like it" to this?

    Alicia - thanks! ...that'll probably happen with the last quart. :-)

    Rev - because cats, right? They're such wonderful furry little socialists.

  5. Milk tends to give them the runs if they get too much. My last cat didn't care for it. Her preferred people food was spaghetti sauce. She would lick meatballs clean and then walk away from them. She was an abandoned juvenile cat that found my doorstep, so no idea how she was raised.

  6. Hoist on your own petard, eh? ;-)