Friday, January 27, 2017


Defrosting the deep freezer is a dangerous, dangerous thing to do. Yeah, not only does it involve finding things in the depths of the shelves that make you really glad you adopted putting month & year on vacuum sealed food, but also radically revising meal plans. "Huh. Since when do we have 8 pounds of cod? Apparently, since every time I wanted fish, bought frozen fillets, and didn't get around to cooking it."

Unfortunately, the extreme danger didn't come from "clean-the-freezer" inspired meal options, or dropping a rump roast or turkey on my foot (one, I caught before it fell and hit. The other, I dodged.) No, the danger came from the defrosting part. Specifically, the wet tile of the kitchen floor.

Physics is not your friend when the coefficient of friction goes away, and gravity asserts itself.Otherwise known as, I bounced myself off the counter, the stove, and the floor, with a failed attempt to arrest my fall resulting in landing badly.

After uncurling from a fetal ball of profanity, I grabbed an ice pack, woke up my husband, and asked him to drive me to the clinic. He did a brief check on what was and wasn't moving (and what produced high-pitched screams when poked), and took me to the ER instead.

Nothing's broken, as per x-rays. But I have a sling, some heavy duty painkillers, and when an ER nurse says, "Honey, you're going to have some spectacular bruising!" ...she's right. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I'm feeling rather apologetic toward the chaos I just caused the work schedule, and toward my husband, who got to finish the defrosting project. I'm also rather frustrated by the sling. (Not stupid enough to ditch it, though.)

Kili has decided that I'm hurting, so she needs to curl up on my legs and purr for hours. Ashbutt, meanwhile, has decided I'm home, so I must want to PLAY! When 10.8 pounds of kitten crashes into a very bruised shoulder as I'm lying on the bed...

Well, I've gotten a lot of sitting on the couch time in, instead of lying in bed and sleeping. I'd really enjoy all this downtime, if only I felt up to doing something fun with it.Ah, well. At least I'll have a job to get back to, and I have a husband who loves me and is determined to coddle me, and it wasn't worse. Thanks be to God it wasn't worse!


  1. I'm glad you didn't break anything. Internally, anyway. And you might consider a pillow on the shoulder which Ashbutt wants to pounce on.

  2. Sorry to hear. Our freezer is in the basement, and long ago I put black plastic under it, with the outlet into the sump pump's well, so when husband defrosts, the water goes automatically to the sump. This was a really good idea - he should thank me.

    I don't have the energy to help, but it does need to be done periodically as it isn't frost-free. He's the one that uses it the most, and fills it with his 'finds,' but I will never complain because I always have food!

    Hope you recover quickly. Don't feel too bad about it - things happen. Be glad it wasn't worse, and your hubby drove you to the right place.

  3. Judo lessons. The first thing they teach is how to fall without getting hurt. An hour per class, twice(?) a week, for a few months, and you will be set for many years of falls. Those lessons stuck with me for decades.

  4. Will - definitely a thought, after I've finished with physical therapy. Thanks :-)