Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Can't get anything done

Some days, it's cleaning by brownian motion around here. Task: strip the bed, remake the bed, and wash the bedding. Reality: realize the floor where the comforter would go is dirty, so sweep the floor. While sweeping the floor, note the foam toe-protector on a corner of the bedframe has been knocked loose. Head into garage to find electrical tape. Find four boxes that have been ripped open and never broken down or thrown out, and electrical tape. Throw out boxes. While throwing out boxes, notice that some books from the last convention never made it back to the bookshelf.

Grab tape, grab books, move books to bookshelf, realize it's badly organized and stack at base thereof for fixing later. Go back to the bedroom, secure foam back to bedframe, sweep floor, take off comforter, strip bed, and take dirty bedding and electrical tape back to garage. Put away tape, start laundry.

Come back to bedroom to find both cats sprawled in the middle of the stripped mattress, ready to "help" make the bed by pouncing on the sheets.

Think that it's taken fourty minutes and I still don't have the bed made and now have books to reshelve, too. Mutter something about sorcerer's apprentice and housework, and go to get a cuppa. Cats promptly follow, and start importuning to get into the closed garage since the washing machine is making noises. Let cats in, skip making cuppa, quickly make the bed.

Lets cats back in the house, and ignore pleas for sharing of the milk as I make tea, and think it a wonderful thing that I managed to make the bed. One task down!

...oh wait, still have to reshelve the books.


  1. In other words, a typical day. I have way too many of those.
    Now ... where did I leave my keys?

  2. Ah yes, the "have to clean, so one can clean" thing. Or, "What do I use as the mess buffer this time?"

  3. Rev - yep! I'm still discovering stuff from the move that doesn't have an "away", it has a "We put it over there until we could deal with it." Which makes it really hard to clean up, when first we have to find or make an "away". Three steps forward, two steps back...

    NFO - If only it only struck on Mondays!

    Orvan - exactly! My mess buffer is my garage. Someday, the buffer will be empty and I'll be able to park in there!