Monday, October 15, 2018

You've been all over, and it's been all over you

My darling husband has chronicled the adventures of the last few weeks. Me, I was along for the ride. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but the tightness in my chest starts about Amarillo, and the altitude sickness kicks in early in the mountains. Along the way, I caught something, so what I took for just the terrible exhaustion of altitude sickness and difficulty breathing... has lingered for days after we came back down.

Doctor seen, shot in the butt received. Sigh. I am not a fan of shots in the butt. (Yes, I consoled myself with tea and chocolate. It fell under the doc's orders to push fluids!)

And the blood draw for lab panels had the gauze pad secured with bright pink vet wrap. I may have spent my morning being distracted by vet wrap on the paw and shaking it while giving the world a look of bewildered hurt and injured dignity... before remembering that unlike that cat who has to do that for days, I have opposable thumbs and can just remove the stuff.

It's the little things you forget when it hurts to breathe...


  1. Vet wrap I can deal with. But pink? That is just too... Lisa Frank.

  2. Suffered the indignity of a shot in the bum myself a couple of months ago, followed by bloods being drawn and a chest x-ray. Proper poorly as we say over here in Blighty.

    You have my sympathy for the discombobulation this causes.

  3. Hopefully you get it sorted out soonest! We want the 'real' you back! :-)