Monday, December 31, 2018

Keto cornbread?

Last night, my darling husband announced he was thinking of going strict keto or paleo. I did not quite break into dance and song in great jubilation, but I did perk up noticeably, because that sort of thing is really, really hard to do if your household isn't on board with it.

Peter also had a specific website he wanted me to check out: Cast Iron Keto.

If it helps both of us lose weight, why, being able to sling cast iron about is something that two years of weightlifting has made easily able. Let's do this! First recipe up was their keto cornbread - which I've seen before, elsewhere, and wondered about. And today is as good a day as any to start - why wait for the new year, when we can get on good habits right away?

So here it is: first round followed their instructions:

One minor difference: I did not use the jalepenos called for. Next time, I may add some frozen diced hatch chilis in (after thawing), because that would go well. Oh, and I used smoked cheddar cheese I grated in, instead of just regular shredded cheddar, because I had it to use up.

Verdict: smells awesome, tastes awesome, slightly too moist, so it came across slightly quiche instead of cornbread. Next time, I"ll either pack the almond & coconut flour into the measuring cup, or use heaped measurements. (Also, since I have 12" cast iron, will likely double the recipe.)

One last note: if you stick your cast iron skillet in the oven as it preheats, then it's easy to add a dollop of duck or bacon fat to grease the pan, and it ensures the crust will be crispy and browned. 

Here's to a another year of experimenting with recipes, getting great food, and sharing it with people I love!


  1. I have discovered that almond and coconut flour both need to be packed for best results. I packed my measuring cups, noted how much a quarter cup weighed in grams and measure all my recipes by weight these days. I'm glad to hear that this recipe is tasty without the peppers.

  2. naleta - I'll definitely try that, next time. Thanks!

  3. I've been on keto for a year and have dropped 60 pounds. I'm not really a keto-Nazi strict about it, but it works. I highly recommend it.