Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Pay No Attention To the Cat Behind The Curtain

What you don't see is Ashbutt, hiding behind the shower curtain and periodically leaping out in ambush on Kili's tail.

...Which she keeps hanging off the edge and swishing back and forth so it taps the curtain....



  1. Hi, I comment over at MGC sometimes bad have read both your books, multiple times, if you really want to know. Recently you made a comment that you are working on a sequel to Scaling the Rim that featured a lot of flooding. I wanted to say something there but life intervened so I'm making a very random looking comment here.

    There is a book from the 90s called Noah's Flood by two geologists named Ryan and Pittman. They were intrigued by a discovery in the sixties that the Mediterranean had once been closed off from the world oceans at the Straits of Gibraltar. The closure went on long enough that the whole inland sea dried up. Then there was some sort of tectonic movement and the Straits opened and the mother of all waterfalls appeared and flooded the Mediterranean. But this was fifteen million years ago and not witnessed by humans.

    For reasons they went looking for a more modern flood and discovered that perhaps eight thousand years ago up this happened between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. That is, the Black Sea was cut off and ended up 300 feet lower than the Mediterranean and when the blockage at the Bosporus and Dardanelles broke there was .... A huge flood. I thought you might enjoy some of tHe details or it might spark other ideas.

    I do enjoy your writing. Jane Meyerhofer. And since I can't figure out how to post except as anonymous that's how I'm doing this....

  2. Hi Jane!

    Yes, isn't it fascinating? Sidescan radar of the Black Sea has been amazing, because the flood was so sudden, and the waters so anoxic and cold, that there are entire villages still sitting the ancient shoreline on the bottom!

    For something really fun, if you haven't seen XKCD's story "Time" about the Black Sea flooding, it's pretty awesome. The original story was released a the web page for the day, but the he changed the frame to go forward in the story every... half hour? Having work and other obligations, I had to go back to an archive to get the whole thing.

    If you check the links at the bottom, there's a archive page where you can click through if you have way too much time on your hands! :-)