Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Marriage milestone!

Ten years into marriage, my darling man and I hit a milestone today: we managed to fail to accomplish installation of a window air conditioner without grumping or snapping at each other.

...the failure part is because apparently we need a 1/2" wood shim to bring the brackets up to a level where they'll clip into the bottom of the unit. This is not mentioned in the directions, as apparently our windowsills do not meet the ideal windowsill installation that it was designed for. So, drawing inspiration from the "if you have storm windows" section, there will be a run to the hardware store, a shim installed to raise the brackets to the height that they'll meet the bottom of the a/c, and things should be good.

The windows are, as far as I can tell, about 25 years old. I shouldn't be surprised that there have been design changes to the sills. Ah, well!

Note that I did not cuss at my darling man, and we didn't yell at each other. Actual air conditioning unit, included manual, and cats who were trying to help not included in this accomplishment.


  1. Cussing is best when only the deserving targets are targeted.

    "I have little list..."

  2. But you got through it... THAT is the good part!

  3. Strange...I recognize that part from the manual about "if you have storm windows" because yesterday, Tuesday June 9, my husband and I ALSO installed a window air conditioner without any anger or yelling, like you!!! (But we don't have storm windows, so did not have to install a piece of wood as a shim over the edge of the window.)
    However, we are just past 44 years of marriage, so you are ahead of us on the "no arguing while working on an installation." Which is what normally happens to us.

  4. Any time you and your honey can tackle a home improvement project without calling a divorce lawyer, or hitting up Google to find our more about untraceable poisons is a win!