Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Turmeric Rice in the rice cooker

Calmer Half: "Why are you putting whole spices in the rice?"
Me: "Because that's what the recipe calls for, and I have them? This is my first time with this recipe, so I'm following the directions."
Calmer Half. "Ah."
An hour later, after a meal of tandoori chicken with date chutney on a bed of peas and turmeric rice, Calmer Half rendered his verdict. "Do you have everything you need to make this again? Do I need to pick up anything when grocery shopping?"

All right, I'll call that successful. And will use whole spices in turmeric rice again (or in the case of the cardamom pods, smashed-open.)

Rice Cooker Turmeric Rice:
3/4 tsp turmeric
2-inch stick of cinnamon
4 cardamom pods, smashed open
3 cloves
2 cups rice, rinsed until running clear
2 cups chicken stock + water to bring it up to the line
pinch salt

Put in rice cooker, start. Next time, I may add a pat of butter, because it seemed like it could have used it.

One variant of the recipe had throwing frozen peas in the rice cooker, but I was dubious, so I made them in the microwave and spooned them on top afterward. It worked!

The tandoori chicken recipe is very simple: grab the tandoori paste jar, follow the directions to make marinade with yogurt and chicken. Marinade a few hours. Pull out after starting the rice cooker, preheat and bake in oven at 350 for 25 minutes for boneless skinless chicken thighs. No recipe recorded here, because... really. It's on the jar. I can look that up, if I have the jar. 
Not all of my cooking is high-falutin' recipe stuff!



  1. Score one for things that work right out of the box, jar, or whatever! :-)

  2. And now I'm craving Indian food. This sounds delicious.

  3. Three cloves... of what? Garlic? Whole? Minced?

    1. Three of the little clove spices, shaken out of their container, whole not ground.