Sunday, January 2, 2022

New Tales For A New Year!


Tales Around The Supper Table 2

Joining such other awesome people as Alma Boykin and Cedar Sanderson, Old NFO and my husband, I have a story in this new anthology!

It's the tale of cross-cultural communication (and miscommunication), unexpected consequences, research, hilarity, and a navy chief being told he can't have any more coffee... May also contain honeypots and pirate machinations, as well as embarrassed newlyweds.

And that's just my story. There are many not at all like it, but this blurb is mine!

Tales Around the Supper Table - Volume 2!


  1. That's a fun little story with some wise marriage counseling slipped in. Well done. I hope we will read more about Chief Smith, Lee and Bet in the future.

  2. The typo fairy left you something early in Chapter 2, 4th paragraph, the dreaded rein vs. reign... Lee needs to control Bet, not rule over her...

    Otherwise: 5 stars and review left. You are at 100% 5 stars which is both fantastic and well-earned.