Saturday, July 2, 2022

A wave of confusion

 You know, I know better. I do it anyway.

Yes, I wrote a story involving radiation when I have friends who are actual nuclear scientists and military what worked with the stuff. The level of detail and analysis brought to bear on those scenes may resemble using a sledgehammer to swat a fly, but I am grateful for their input.

Unfortunately, getting steeped in the difference and the types of emissions from various sources with examples leaves me looking at a post talking about men in romance genre and going "alpha males? Very weak, can be stopped by a thick skin? Beta males are stronger, more likely to affect the heroine, but why do we stop there? She's not going to get knocked off her feet by a gamma male?"


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  2. What they describe in Romance novels as Alpha males are not really that at all. If youre talking about exceptionally Alpha people, like your Bill Clinton, Putin, Elon Musk caliber...then youre probably talking about people who have unusual sexual tastes, and they are usually people who expect unconditional loyalty outside the bedchamber. They are also people who dislike being insulted. They may be fine with getting attacked by their enemies, but they don't want that from their friends, or their lady/ladies.