Friday, April 21, 2023

My friends are helpful

Me: "Hey, Alma. I flop over and be dead at you now. After 7 years since this story first bit me, on the fifth? sixth? try... You remember how I started this sucker from when it wouldn't leave me alone while I was trying to finish another book? That was back in November 2021, and I've been trying to finish it since? Is finally done!"

Alma: "Congratulations!"

Me: "The next time I pull out an old unfinished story and tell you I'm going to salvage it and finish it, shoot me." 

Alma: "Nerf or water?"

Me: "Taser."

Alma: "OK!"


  1. Congratulations. Is it another Tactical Romance or something new and different?

    1. It's somewhat of a sequel to Shattered Under Midnight. Different people, same universe.

  2. I pulled out *The Other Princess* and redid it. I thought I was tweaking the end. I did several massive overhauls. . . it's out the door now. . . I can SYMPATHIZE.

  3. Reminds me of Steve Redgrave's quip: "If anyone sees me go anywhere near a boat they have my permission to shoot me."
    (He had just won gold in the coxless pairs at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics - he won his final Olympic gold medal in the coxless fours in Sydney.)