Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

The aileron cove die did not work out as planned. New die being made - should be *crosses fingers* done next Monday. *sigh*

Today was a good day of work, though - outside in the sun, around 65 degrees, light wind, high scattered clouds, everything went easily, and problems were being solved. Including the inspection panels that were so vexing - it turns out that two tinnerman nut plates were broken! Replaced them, and it all went smoothly from there.

Before taking your plane to the mechanics for an annual:

1. A few (flying) hours before you take the plane in, wash it and vacuum the inside.
Really, if you don't like leaning against, kneeling in, and putting your eyes down in dust and dirt, what makes you think you A&P does? Besides, if it's cleaned, then flown a little, any new leaks are really obvious instead of camouflaged in old leak and grime.

2. Take your junk out of your plane. Really, the old airsickness bags, the survival gear, the winter-weight wing and engine covers (when it's no longer winter), books, etc - the less you leave in the airplane, the less needs to be moved or removed, and the less chance it has of getting lost or damaged, or annoying your mechanic by him having to deal with it.


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  1. Um... rules to live by? Cause ALL that stuff weighs something, and I'd bet it's NEVER calculated on the W&B forms...