Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nothing Thrown Out

Yesterday I wanted to make something with chives, to celebrate the fact that they're flourishing in the yard. (It's kind of strange that I'm used to thinking of chives as expensive herbs when bought fresh in the store, and common as freeze-dried herbs. Meanwhile, Calmer Half didn't even know what a chive was, and Housemate only thought of them as "darned weed." Thus does abundance blind us to value.)

So I set out to make Rosemary-Sage Burgers with Apple Slaw and Chive Mayo. Which would have been awesome, if I hadn't been interrupted right before putting the burgers on, and one thing after another that ended up being a nuke leftovers night.

Today, the rosemary-sage burgers were turned into meatballs by Calmer Half while Housemate and I were getting back from testing our newly rebuilt boat motor out on the lake. So, left with the apple slaw slowly oxidizing into an unappetizing brown, I figured the chive mayo can easily go on a sandwich or three, but the apples needed to be used tonight.

So, into Apple Bread they go! (with a half cup less sugar, a little molasses to make it equivalent of a brown sugar mix, and a little extra spice.)

I'm not perfect at making sure all food is eaten - every now and then I have to clean the fridge, too. But I make a darned good try!


  1. Remind Calmer Half that he must ensure you have a goodly supply of half-prepared substances in the kitchen. He would be the first to benefit by such a policy.

    Sounds REALLY good, down there. Enjoy!

  2. Nothing better than "What do I make from all this?" meals!