Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two Pictures To Make You Smile

Be warned, some profanity ahead (I don't have photoshop skills before coffee to clean it up).

First, via Amanda Palmer - who is a rock star, and swears like it. (Link NSFW) She was getting ready to go on a flight to Christchurch for a concert when the earthquake hit - and as fan and people who were going to help with the concert checked in on her comments section, one left this picture of life going on. She included it in a later post, too.

Second, via Stephen Bodio's Querencia - which is an awesome group blog on falconry, hunting, herding dogs, and many other fascinating things. (Link is SFW; I was a little surprised at the cuss word.)


  1. I'll go check em out, thanks! :-)

  2. picture is SO COOL!

    Thank you. :)

  3. The coarsening of society...
    To so many it has become a word used in normal conversation, I fear in less than 10 years we'll be hearing the "F" word in regular conversation on TV.

    At that point, what word will we use to shock others?