Friday, November 11, 2011

A Separate Peace

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Calmer Half and I had declared an armistice on our few domestic battles, and were on the road together. Does taking a vet to lunch count when it's my own dearest man?

Every few weeks, I get a desire to be up and gone - not running away from my home, my life, my work, my marriage, or my friends, but just a desire to be up and out on the road, in the air, flying free. Calmer Half knows the symptoms well, from the first time he woke up from a nap to find I'd wandered out the door and ended up in Vicksburg. (Alaskan Geek and Call To Wings could have warned him about that, from times we've headed out on a random drive that ended up climbing a mountain on the way to get coffee, or driving to Girdwood for ice cream, or Seward for dinner...)

Usually he just smiles and wishes me to be careful as I head out the door with headset and plane keys in hand - but today, I didn't want to fly away so much as to tackle a new direction together with him. So we were on the road, talking of novels and pointing out the fall color, and went to a different city just to see their zoo, which was small and didn't take long. After he had a healthy turkey sandwich and I had a grilled cheese sandwich, we satisfied the vague curiosity I'd had since first learning to read billboards out the car window, and finally saw Ruby Falls. Well, I went down and saw the underground waterfall (which is impressive, and the lightshow is beautiful, but I wanted to short out the mood-music speakers). Calmer Half decided he didn't want to walk a mile underground on uneven and slippery rocks and concrete patches, and instead climbed the tower to truly see the view of Lookout Mountain. We reunited for coffee and chocolate muffins on the porch, and then drove home.

It was a wonderful date, and a lovely little road trip, with few spectacular sights and lots of peace, love and contentment - and completely boring as that is to you, dear reader, by the scars and the shrapnel still embedded in my love, these are the precious moments. After all the guns are silent, the recoverable dead are buried, the burned ruins and overlooked mines a continent away... one of my goals in life is to make a marriage that is everything he hoped and dreamed of living for in the quiet moments between the firefights.


  1. your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. Sounds truly like a marriage made in heaven. Thank him from me for his service to humanity, and God bless you both.

  2. That's so lovely ... thank you so much for sharing with us. Both you and Calmer Half have my respect and admiration, always.

  3. Thanks for this charming post. You made me smile as I read and thought of the simplicity and quiet joy of your marriage, very much like mine.

  4. Thanks Wing. Thanks to both you and Calmer Half for your service, no matter where it was.

  5. Great idea, and sounds like a great (and calming) day... Glad y'all got the chance to enjoy it!

  6. Being a native Tennessean born in East TN and raised in Middle TN I take things like Ruby Falls, Rock City and The Incline for granted. I’ve visited all of them multiple times as I’ve visited the Chattanooga and Nashville sights as well. Reading about someone seeing them for the first time always brings a smile, now you should venture fort and visit the George Dickle and Jack Daniels Distilleries.
    When the weathers right make arraignments to spend a day at Lookout Mountain riding in a hang glider, I believe that you will love it. Both you and your husband are blessed to have found one another and melded your lives together. Continue your adventures together.