Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Following Tam and Daddybear's lead, in lieu of content, a list of common songs heard coming from my computer. Grabbed from the random playlist, because I don't keep tracking software on music.

1. The Eighth Square - The CruxShadows
2. WinterSouls - Diary of Dreams
3. Lucky One - Allison Krause and Union Station
4. Where Rainbows Never Die - The Steeldrivers
5. Wake of Magellan - Savatage
6. Leather - Tori Amos
7. We're in This Together - NIN
8. Rico - Angry Salad
9. Summer - Bel Canto
10. No Ordinary Morning - Chicane
11. Find You're Gone - Wolfsheim
12. Valkyrie (Rise of the Walcyrge - Dreamside Remix) - The Cruxshadows
13. Forever - Bruderschaft
14. Black Heart - Edge of Dawn
15. Ghosts of Mississippi - The SteelDrivers
16. Solitude - VNV Nation
17. Pray For Love - Edge of Dawn
18. Saltwater - Chicane
19. Thornes & Brambles - Abney Park
20. Vale of Plenty - Hanz Zimmer - Black Hawk Down Soundtrack

Yeah, if you were wondering, Calmer Half and I don't see ear to ear on music. Heck, what I consider folks in awesome clubbing fashion he thinks are a good sign that the gun should already be out and aimed, while looking for an exit. I'm never taking him clubbing on goth night, much less to a rave. Heck, I won't even bother dragging him to another bluegrass festival, not after the last time. (Long story.)

That's okay. He can rock out to Jethro Tull (ugh) that I bought for him for Christmas downstairs, and I can rock out to The Cruxshadows ("your horrid noise") that he bought for me for Christmas upstairs, and we'll both be happy.


  1. I feel your pain. Wife & I have found music we both enjoy when together, but we still listen (when apart) to completely different things.

  2. Makes me wonder how you both would handle "The Butchers and the Builders"; one part gospel, one part rock and one part bluegrass, 100% awesome.

  3. A complete and utterly (family) self serving advertisement. Check out my niece's band, Della Mae. Or at least, check them out if you like an all girl's Bluegrass band. The band is Della Mae, my neice is Celia Woods-Smith. I'd like the music even if she wasn't my niece. They (of course) have a website.

  4. Passing back through the archives, and couldn't resist adding a comment about your music choices.
    Is it a bad thing if I enjoy BOTH groups mentioned? And have purchased multiple albums from each?