Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

After Calmer Half had his heart attack, I researched extensively and changed how I cooked to help him. I put a lot of effort into finding tasty, heart-healthy, stomach-filling, good food. As he's battled to lose weight, I've tried to change the food to stay varied and tasty, and to accommodate whatever isn't supposed to be eaten now.

Once I started working 55 hours a week, he started grocery shopping, making dinner and packing the leftovers for lunch. We've had a few points to straighten out, but generally he's been working at making tasty meals and I've been enjoying them when wolfing down food on a short, usually late, lunch break, and before falling asleep on my feet in the evening.

Today, off work with a mere 43 hours worked this week and a good night's rest behind me, I stuck my head in the fridge to find the makings for food. Beyond an entire shelf's worth of fridge purely dedicated to condiments, I found:

4 packs of bacon, 2 opened.
9 packs/bricks of cheese, 4 opened.
1 package of sausage
1 package of lettuce, unopened for at least a week.
1 package of spinach, only used for my sandwiches
1 bunch of asparagus, unused for at least a week
The yogurts for my lunch
The remains of a case of beer (Clearly the housemate, not Calmer Half - wrong brand)

...You can teach all you want, but people from husbands to hoplophobes to angry young liberal arts majors are only going to learn if they want to.


  1. > 9 packs/bricks of cheese, 4 opened.

    Cheeses are like screwdrivers - there are many different ones, each for a slightly different purpose.

    Of COURSE he needs 9. I'm just not clear on why 5 valuable tools were left still in their packages!

  2. Is that directed at us, per chance??? :-)

  3. Paul - Oh, yes, he definitely is.

    TJIC - because they're spares, that's why. Leicester Red, Double Gloucester, Sharp Cheddar, and I forget the fifth, it's a hard cheese.. oh, shoot, I forgot the parmesan as well. Nah, pregrated parmesan is a condiment, not a cheese.

    NFO - I thought you might see the humor in it. Even if it's not nearly as funny as your, ah, elevator speech. :-)

  4. OH trust me, I know ALL about opening more than one item at a time...sigh... :-)

  5. There are worse things: I came home the other day to a counter full of "Asa and Dave decided to clean out the refrigerator." Not that they threw out anything that they had pulled, or checked expiration dates, or even checked to see if any of what they had pulled was still good, they just pulled everything that was in the way of putting the chinese leftovers in the fridge and left it all on the counter. For two days. Grrr. Hugs?

  6. Jeannie - *hugs*

    and a *facepalm.* I could see the boys doing that, and getting distracted. Two days, though... sigh.

    Hey, at least they didn't throw a temporarily-batchelor party!