Friday, August 9, 2013

Paleo is for cats

Calmer Half grew up with a dog and three cats; I grew up with a cat. This means Calmer Half is quite used to the dog making leftovers disappear, and grazing on the grapes in the arbor. I am quite used to a cat requesting ingredients in the cooking process, but having nothing to do with leftovers. (It was quite funny the first time I realized the cat was starting her squeak with a yawn because she was trying to imitate an "h" sound. To wit: yawn-squeak was "hhham" and yawn-squeak-squeak-squeak was "hhham-bur-ger". Tuna was a high chirp, quickly followed by a low chirp. I miss that cat.)

We're on a rather low carb diet, trying to force weight loss when Calmer Half's body just won't let him do extended exercise. This means everything we eat is either meat, vegetables, or dairy... and have you seen cat food lately? "tuna and green peas", "turkey and squash", "wild salmon florentine" are not uncommon.

Heck, wild salmon florentine sounds like a recipe I could bash together for dinner tonight.

Yes, this means the cat is constantly underfoot in the kitchen, and watching the slow cooker when it's full of pulled pork, and requesting some dinner. (She's starving, she tells you!) However, it also means that if I can't finish dinner, or there's a mixing bowl or serving platter that needs licked clean, the cat is perfectly happy to fill the usual household role of a dog.


There's something wrong with this picture. But hey, the cat's happy, the people are happy, and all the dishes go in the dishwasher afterward anyway, so why not?


  1. Cats are perfectly fine with the whole "I'll help by consuming all your ingredients" thing. :)

  2. LOL, the 'master' is teaching you how to serve her... :-)

  3. Well.. at least she's eating well. :)

  4. Koshka has distinctive yowls for bacon, tuna, chicken, and bologna. She really sings for pepperonis.