Saturday, August 3, 2013


We are now owned by a cat. This is a right and proper state of affairs, and we had been informed by several neighborhood strays that it was a crime to be catless. However, instead of housing them, we got a cat from a shelter. Not having the energy for a kitten, we got a full-grown cat. She is patterned like a cerval shrunk to tabby size, several years old and very self-assured.

The cat-shaped hole in my heart has been filled.

However, I had forgotten in the years since the last cat how difficult some things could get with feline inquiry and assistance. For example, making egg drop soup with a few wontons - first you boil the wontons, then remove them to add the beaten egg. As I was putting the wontons back into the soup, a small paw nailed me in the back of my right knee. I yelped, fumbled, and splat a wonton stuffed with pork hit the floor.

You know, a wonton is about the rough shape as a mouse, and the size of a large mouse, and after being boiled in chicken broth... Kitty batted it around the kitchen like a freshly killed mouse, pausing now and then to nibble on one end as it cooled off from boiling hot, and finally eating the pork stuffing "guts" out.

You'd think I would have learned from this. Unfortunately, this was followed by yet another learning experience:

Feline assistance. Yoga.

Not a good mix.

Life is about to get interesting...


  1. "about to"?? Sounds like it already has. And yes, each daughter has a cat ... and those two cats own all four of us. :)

  2. LOL, you're gonna have to change your lifestyle (back)...

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  3. LOLOL. Can't wait for the cat tales!

  4. I have Koshka to keep me on my toes. It's beneficial to the reflexes to own a pet that sometimes looks at you as prey.

  5. Ha! Ah yes, I have a feline personal trainer as well. He's quite helpful with crunches. Bread making on the abs adds to the burn, no?

  6. This really requires pictures you know.

  7. This really requires pictures you know.