Saturday, March 22, 2014

Age and treachery, part 35

"Old age and treachery overcome youth and enthusiasm, every time." -My father

Calmer Half came into the bedroom with a cup of tea, a cat, and the amused news that our friend was out in the living room, very frustrated. I looked up from Old NFO's book, The Grey Man - Vignettes, and made an inquisitive noise. He shrugged, and the cat leapt down to attack my hand. "The kids won't wake up."

"Oh, that's easy." I reached carefully to hug him with my left hand while my right hand was still encased in a ball of kindle and cat, happily teething away on my skin and the kindle case. "I'll just get some pants on, and get them right up."

He arched an eyebrow at my mischievous smile, and I whispered my plan. "Pancakes and bacon. Few people can sleep through a dishwasher being noisily unloaded, and no college kid ever slept through the smell of free food."

It worked, too :-)


  1. Yep; experience is a great teacher. :)

  2. LOL, hell 'I' would get up for pancakes and bacon! Hope you're enjoying the book!

  3. Pancakes are doing their 30 minute wait thing here I had to deal with DC all week so I earned them.

    new recipe, just for grins

    Enjoy your weekend!!