Saturday, May 3, 2014


Three trips to donations dumpsters and two trips to the dump with a full truckload later, we're getting close to getting ready to move. Not that we've got a set move date or location, but it's like watching the snow line coming down the mountains when summer's still hanging on at sea level.

It's been an awesome few years in the current house, but people move on, and lives change. So sensing the impending move, I came home from work and handed a list of locations to Calmer Half, of everywhere that I could potentially go for My Company. He looked at it in complete disbelief. "Are you going to be promoted? Why would you uproot our lives for a lateral move?"

I frowned in lack of comprehension. "Because we're moving anyway? Pick anywhere you want to go? Or we can move across town, and stay here? All the same to me! But if we have to move, why not pick somewhere new, and make it a move for the better instead of the same?"

After a week of mutual incomprehension, the day came when the light dawned in his eyes. "I'm in my (grey-haired and unashamed of it decade)! You're in your (Refusing to admit gray hair exists decade)! When I was (that age), I was traveling all over Africa!"


Wonder if I'll get rooted like that, when my hair is a glorious gray and white?

...nah. There's still too much of the world to see!


  1. You know that old saying about "you can't help growing older, but you don't have to get old"?


    Keep the sense of wonder!

  2. Good attitude. There's a whole world out there but it's not going to come to you.

    So where you looking to go?

  3. Any <> locations up here in NH? I knew J would love to see you more often!

  4. +1 on Rev, and yeah, it's a big world! (P.s. look for a good small airport too!)

  5. I dunno if it's all age. I'm pretty rooted here--starting out with 6-year-old twins at age 23 or so kept us pretty tied down financially and responsibility-wise. I've really only gotten out and traveled a little bit in this country the last few years, but with the twins hitting 18 in a couple of months, I'm starting to feel the pull more and more. I visited Colorado Springs last summer and gave serious thought to moving us all out there on a two-year plan.

    But my wife has a rule: no lateral moves. For her, that means we'll never move to the same latitude or farther north. ;) I thought I had her sold on Texas a couple of years ago, but she's getting a little cold in the feet now.

    I figure Illinois is probably not on your list?

  6. I find myself looking forward to the prospect of moving in a couple of years, when I am finally done with school. I think Himself is, as well, for a wonder, as he shares an age with your Calmer Half. I have so many places I haven't been, yet.

  7. (chuckles) Just bought house #3 in Eagle River, and the muzzle is turning grey. Did my traveling when I was young too.

    There are plenty of other adventures.

  8. I think you've got the right idea. I hate packing for a move but once I've put everything on a truck unpacking it in the same town seems like a waste.

  9. I think you've got the right idea. I hate packing for a move but once I've put everything on a truck, unpacking it in the same town seems completely unhinged.

    Adaptive Curmudgeon