Thursday, March 23, 2017

Getting better

I know I'm getting better when the symmetrical physical therapy exercises are a challenge to the uninjured side of the body, too.

...or more out of shape? Um, let's stick with getting better. Yeah, that's the ticket.


  1. Yeah, "getting better" seems better and you have the faculty to know that, so thus it must be, yes?

    OT(?): Is there an explanation for the blog title (I admit to not having searched back). I keep thinking of the tune 'On A Wing And A Prayer' ("One of our planes was missing, two hours overdue. One of our planes was missing, with all its gallant crew. The radio sets were humming; We waited for a word. Then a voice broke through the humming, and this is what we heard...")

  2. The blog title is because this blog was originally started to help a couple friends keep track when I went flying off somewhere. Deep in the archives you'll find me flying a borrowed airplane around Moody AFB and Florida, then acquiring a project airplane, putting it back together, and eventually flying it down to Tennessee, since I moved there and married this awesome guy while the plane was still in pieces.

    I do less flying htese days, especially with living where there are roads everywhere I want to go, but... some things linger. Like blog names.

  3. You VILL get in shape, or you VILL pay the penalty... :-D