Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spell check problems

Alma and I had a hilarious conversation the other month, in which we pontificated upon the theoretical problems of spell check in a world where magic works, and auto-correct might try to substitute shrubbery wrath (like the shining) vs. Shub Niggurath...

She now has the result up for free on her blog! Go forth, and giggle!



  1. I don't know about giggle, but that certainly had me chortling...

  2. Aha! Here you is/am/are/be! I read that on the site linked and was amused.
    Also: Moo.

  3. I can't comment over, as comments are closed - and were, even on the day you recommended it. But having read Old NFO's remark about a possible collaboration with Alma, you most certainly should.

  4. Orvan! Welcome on in: I'm afraid I'm terribly boring and don't post much, but you're welcome here!

    Rev. Paul - that'd take more skill than I currently have, but thank you!