Thursday, April 13, 2017

Duke Elegant and AvCanada

Sometimes things slip away into the dusty archives of the internet, and sometime they're lost and only 404's remain to mark their passing. For everyone who loves flying, let me pull back the curtain and show you some tales that were saved, when an old aviator found a message board and started swapping some "been there, done that"s you'd normally never hear anywhere that regulators and busybodies could ask questions.

Armed with the anonymity of an internet handle and a diagnosis of cancer that cleared off the last care he could have given, he started telling stories. The board is gone, (upgraded), but the stories have been saved.

I give you: Duke Elegant, and the big chill.

The intro:

The rest of the pages are here:

and finally wrapped up at Tales of a Wayward Aviator

Read 'em all. There's a bit missing here and there (sad to see the nose art from the firebombers is missing, now), and it's a strange form to see archived instead of reading as they came out, but what's left is worth reading, and passing on.


  1. It's truly sad these live only on archives now...

  2. A wonderful read, quite distracting from what I should be doing!
    I agree with OldNFO that there should be a better place to read stories such as these.