Friday, April 21, 2017

Proud, fierce, independent cat

Kili is a loving cat... from two feet away. She likes to be on the arm or back of the couch when I'm sitting on it, or curled up on the other side of the bed when I'm sleeping and Peter's already up. If I'm on the treadmill desk, she's ignoring me in the windowsill nearby.

Every now and then, on her terms, she likes actual contact; she'll climb on my chest, purring, in the middle of the night and settle in happily. Or she'll claim my lap, and I'm just supposed to move my laptop elsewhere and let her sit... but if I try to pet her, I get this look from her, and she vacates to out of touch range. (She's a pre-owned cat from the shelter. Like many pre-owned cats, she has issues.)

But last night, we had a front stall out over the Red River, and the bedroom was brightly lit with almost continuous flashes of lightning. I realized this when I woke up to the light and noise... and found a cat welded between my hip and Peter's side, underneath both our arms. Purring frantically.

Yep, proud, fierce, independent cat... until scared, and then it's all in on finding a way to be practically hiding underneath her humans, where they'll protect her.

Cats really are little women in fur coats!


  1. That's as succinct & accurate a description of cats as any I've seen. :)

  2. you know she trusts you.
    please get rid of the verify with all the pictures in it. how about just a simple checkmark?

  3. :-) Level of trust went UP!!! :-)

  4. deborah - I'll work on that. Seems captcha is always a balance between annoying the commenters and deflecting the spam... I'll see if I can make it less annoying but still good at getting the spam!

    Rev Paul - that, and "furry little socialist" are my favourite descriptions of cats.

    Old NFO - yep! I'm honoured to be trusted, even if we're back to "don't pet me; I'm not a pet" by the light of a new day!