Saturday, April 10, 2021

A simple breakfast

 Me, stumbling in the door squinting after an early morning appointment with the eye doc: Self, the world is too bright and filled with hurt. We need to make a simple, quick, comforting breakfast, because food will make the day better. Eggs?

Also Me: Why is the fridge so bright? Ugh. Grabbing things that need using. Don't want eggs.

Me: Self, you have half a red onion and a poblano in hand. What are you doing?

Also Me: Dicing and sauteing in oil, duh. Shrimp. There's shrimp in the deep freezer, and that's quick.

Me: ...Mexican?

Also Me: Don't wanna. Huh. Hey, don't we have an open jar of green curry paste? Yes, yes we do. And ginger. And garlic. 

Me: Self, do you realize how much curry paste you just spooned in?

Also Me: Don't worry, coconut milk will take care of it. Oops, better start the cauliflower rice in the microwave. Why does the microwave have to have bright hurty light?

Me: Self, you're making a shrimp curry for breakfast??

Also Me: Simple! Tasty! Quick! What d'ya want? I'm hurting and uncoffeed here!

Me: ...okay.


  1. Sounds good to me!
    I chose a handful of asparagus, couple of garlic cloves, half an onion, 1 slice of ham left over from Easter, handful of cherry tomatoes,and 3 big white mushrooms. Diced everything, threw some dried parsley on top, browned everything in EVO, and poured 3 eggs scrambled over the top. Once cooked, added a salt and pepper to taste. Eggs and veggies for breakfast.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful breakfast! Eggs and veggies and using up leftovers - what's not to like?

  2. Sunglasses are your friend after that type of eye doctor's visit. I carry a pair of old-man grade Sun Shields when I see the retina specialist. If I need them indoors, so be it.

    The shrimp curry sounds good!

    1. Absolutely agree on the sunglasses. After moving to Texas, I got a nice pair of prescription sunglasses, and consider them a must when outdoors for long periods, or even indoors after the eye doc.

      It was good! I made enough for two people and one serving of leftovers, but it all mysteriously vanished before I could reach the putting away leftovers part...

      I still have to laugh at myself, though, because I don't normally consider Thai green curry to be a simple, easy breakfast. Apparently the undercoffeed part of me that does muscle memory tasks on semi-automatic does! (Especially when the alternative is staring into eye-wateringly bright light of the fridge and trying to formulate a plan.)

  3. If it works, it's NOT wrong, regardless of the time...