Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spar update: part All is Well

A note for interested readers: Eyak Air did not actually mess up the spars - I bought a set of Taylorcraft spars made for another customer who had failed to put a deposit on or pick up and pay for his order for over a year. They're excellent and beautiful spars - for an F-19 Taylorcraft, a heavier 1970's plane. My fault for not double-checking before I hauled them home!

When I contacted Joe at Eyak Air, he immediately agreed to remove the second doubler plate and make them correct for a lighter 1940's Taylorcraft. So Peter of Bayou Renaissance Man graciously drove them up while I was at work, and assisted in removing nails, planing off the second doubler plates, and varnishing.

Progress is moving swiftly forward in fits and starts broken by "Where did I put that blasted part?" and "Darn it, I need one more 3/8" socket..." Which is to say, taking breaks for a mead tasting (13 meads to choose from) at Celestal Meads' meadery yesterday (and fireworks, once it got dark enough twilight at 12:30 for the city to put out its display), and exploring the Girdwood Forest Fair in all its hippie glory today.


  1. How do you get a repaired wing out of the living room?

  2. Through the front door - unless things prove too difficult (but I measured several times, it should be good!) - then through the (carefully removed) picture window (which will be replaced by professional glaziers afterwards.)

  3. I knew a guy that built a kit plane in his garage, but never thought of rebuilding a wing in the living room.
    Funny thing is, I think you have your priorities straight!