Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Polly Creek Alaska Tides

You want to know when to go clamming?

Go here: http://co-ops.nos.noaa.gov/gmap3/ Scroll the map up to Alaska. Zoom in on the Kenai Peninsula.
Or here: http://alaskatides.com/

Either way, check the tide for Nikiski and Seldovia. Split the difference, as Tuxedni Bay, and Polly Creek that runs into it, is roughly halfway between them on the Alaska Peninsula.

Or take the shortcut and look up the tides for clam gulch, because it's roughly across the inlet.

Like here: http://alaskaoutdoorjournal.com/References/Tides/clamtides10.html


  1. Yep, planning IS a prerequisite :-)

  2. The clam bed at Polly Creek are roughly here: 60.220139,-152.596779 (The Bing Map search tab has a better sattelite photo than google maps). Clamming is best at a neap tide about a mile to three miles offshore, on the great long sandbars. On the other hand, there's this danger associated with being three miles offshore, because that tide come up through the sand as well as in from the sea....

    Timing is everything!

  3. well I have to say that I was there in 1977 a, my dad was a commercial fisherman and was there for three months I think,,maybe more , he lived in one of three cabins..that was all that was there and a smoke house and a kippered housed and an outhouse, a homemade shower from the water from the creek or spring..was a bunch of bear and mink and other scary stuff.. was an adventure of a lifetime I was 13 yrs old and will never forget those 2 weeks..not a person for miles we were flown there from kenai