Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small steps

Today I swept a little, and started putting the interior back into the Navajo. It's amazing how little interior decoration there actually is, and how much it transforms the plane from looking rough and utilitarian into looking sleek and executive. A new interior snapped and screwed into the metal and a paint job is like a new outfit and a haircut - showbiz magic to make something suddenly look new and shiny, fresh and fashionable.

Pay no attention to the paintjob; it's the health of the engines and the soundness of the airframe you need to know. But you already should know this - from fables about emperors without clothes to Martin Luther King's dream of our entire society judging people by the content of their character, it's what's beneath that matters.


  1. I remember once reading someone talking about the *psychological* importance of those interiors as well... that you wanted your passenger jets to say this is a refined safe place so everything was covered up - as opposed to more industrial or military applications where - aside from the obvious weight savings and convenience of access - you also get the sense of this is a working machine here - pay attention!