Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wing (and shoulder) are taped!

I am so full of love for my friends. Despite the injured shoulder, the wing was readied for cover yesterday - my friend and wonderful apprentice mechanic set up the night before, came in the next morning, and worked her magic with a rivetgun to make the nutplates appear around the holes I'd drilled. My IA also attached the new better modified butt rib reinforcement that'll relieve the stress of fabric pulling on the bottom when the there's no corresponding fabric pulling on the top. I have so much love and happiness for their help!

Then together, we taped the wing - today I should get the fabric on her before I have to catch a flight! (And double-check my luggage, as somebody with a sense of humor keeps suggesting they fill a small bottle with the aircraft dope, and send it off as 'some of the dope I'm high on.')

The fuselage's annual should start, and work progress, on the wing while I'm taking a very much needed break and seeing my Calmer Half for a few days. I miss my love - I can't wait to see him!

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  1. It's amazing to consider that delicate network of supports can actually hold a plane up! Nice to see it coming together.

    And it was very nice to see you this weekend. I hope you'll be able to come visit for my birthday in October. *hugs*