Monday, October 11, 2010

Covering the Bottom

Step one: Get a quart of MEK. Start up big ventilation fan and heater. Attach the fabric at the leading edge sufficient for a 4 inch seam overlap.
Step two: Trim the fabric to length. Wait for apprentice A&P to get a respirator. Attach sufficient for a 3 inch seam overlap.

Step three: Cut fabric for aileron cove, attach. Run to get another quart of super-seam when you run out a foot from the end.

Step four: Pull tight, trim and attach fabric to tip bow.
Step five: Trim fabric for butt rib. Decide you are exhausted, and high from fumes every time you turned your head too much and the seal on the respirator broke, or you took it off because you thought the hangar was ventilated enough and you were taking a break.
Step six: Happily let your IA take the can of super-seam and use on another plane, with the brush you were using. Decide that with it being used by someone else, you can't get further on the plane, and it's time to go find dinner.

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