Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Progress Post - wings are ready to paint!

After the initial fabric is put on and attached with super-seam on the front & rear, then doped and ironed, it's time to cut lengths of 2 inch wide tape to use, and protect every edge that can chafe or wear through.

Once the rings and seaplane grommets for the drain holes are laid out (and two more acquired), and their fabric covers nearby, I know I have enough.

My IA checks my work, and leaves notes or flags problems:

Underside finished, ready for a last inspection of both sides (which will reveal two missing tapes).

For more room to work on the other planes, they have been moved to a side room.

I'm not completely done - I'm still eyeing them and adding a little dope here, a little ironing there, trying to get all the pinked edges to lay flat and stay that way. And now we need to focus on putting the engine back together,

and on finding somewhere in this panel to put a transponder and a radio.

That said, I'm still thinking about adding another couple inspection rings to the right wing, for ease of maintenance down the road. Just 'cause.



    Tres cool!

    So when's wing hanging day? :)

  2. Lookin good! Have you thought about a panel below the existing panel? Either a pedestal up from the floor, or one that hangs under the throttle and prop/mixture/carb heat?